About Us

About Chillzone


We are a local independent community minded business with a “Can Do” attitude and reliable service with a smile.

We Can Help You


Keep things at the perfect temperature in your store’s cold and freezer rooms, display cabinets and coolers. We help you design, install,  and maintain all your essential refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Commercial Air Conditioner Converters on a Roof on the Sunshine Coast

We can keep systems in peak performance

Cold and freezer Rooms

Display Cases

Ice Makers

Reticulated Beer Systems

Post-mix Units

Quality Assurances Monitoring

Farm Milk Tanks

Frozen Dispensing Equipment

Marine Trawlers and Yacht's

Water and Air Filteration

De-salination and Reverse Osmosis Units

Motorhome Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Farm Cool Stores

Mission Statement

“We are an Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Aware Company ensuring our Products and Services Meet all Environmental and Industry Safety Codes of Practice, and wherever possible we aim to reduce our impact on the environment and preserve our natural resources for our future generations”

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