Commercial Air Conditioning Tips

Commercial Air Conditioning Tips

Commercial air conditioning has quite a few jobs to do. Any business will have staff, who need an appropriate environment to work in, whatever their shift pattern. Many businesses also welcome customers and or guests into their premises. These extra people will come and go and have to be made comfortable to take away a positive impression. Also, you may well have sensitive, expensive equipment which could be prone to overheating. All of this can happen over several floors. Here are some tips to help run your system efficiently and keep costs down.


Aircon Basics

The most important thing you can do is invest in the right air conditioning system. While it is possible to buy split systems and put them on every floor, or wall, this is a terrible solution. Somebody will have to go round checking each room or thermostat throughout working hours, which is a waste of time. Ducted systems are by far the most popular type of commercial air conditioning.

Zoning is one especially helpful feature of ducted air conditioners. This allows you to control everything yourself, remotely. If you set up your zones correctly, you will know precisely what needs AC and what doesn’t. For example, if you have a server room, this will need to be at a specific temperature all the time. Setting up a zone in that room means you don’t have to think about it once the temperature’s set up.

Similarly, your business will probably have an opening or working hours. By setting a timer, your system will only work when it’s needed. As ducted aircon only uses one unit, this will regulate your entire premises, and turn off when nobody’s there. You can also set it to come on half an hour before opening time, so you’re ready for business.


Think Smart

There are aspects to running commercial air conditioning efficiently which don’t apply to domestic systems. Basically, as with other aspects of your business, you have to see the big picture. When it comes to air conditioners, this means you have to trust them to do their job. Most importantly, once you have set your controls, at the temperatures and timings you want, leave it alone. Micromanaging is not an option when it comes to running a commercial AC system.

It also pays to think about how people will use your building. In the hottest weather, turn your temperature up a degree or so. This might sound strange, but it makes sense. In scorching weather, people wear their lightest clothing. So, when they walk into your premises, they don’t want to feel cold all of a sudden. This is likely to distract them from what they came in for.


For more tips on how to make commercial air conditioning work for your business, please get in contact with us today.

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