Commercial Air Conditioning To Cut Costs

Commercial Air Conditioning Units on a Roof

Commercial Air Conditioning To Cut Costs

One of the largest expenditures for our local businesses is the cost of air conditioning office and workplaces on the Sunshine Coast.

Here at Chillzone, we specialise in giving the very best service and systems to our commercial clients that can reduce their energy usage in respect to air conditioning.

That is a huge saving by anyone’s standards and can make the difference between a profitable company and potentially an unprofitable one and there are numerous ways we can bring your outgoings down.

The Complete System

If the system you already have for your business, whether a ducted or a split system, is over 15 years old or not been regularly maintained, it could be costing you a fortune.

We can design and install a system that works efficiently and is cost effective.

This provides you with the latest, cutting edge technology in air con that saves 80% on regular bills.

A Full Service

One of the biggest reasons why your air conditioning starts to cost you more money to run, is because a regular servicing and maintenance schedule is not followed.

Our expert technicians are here to keep you cool by servicing and cleaning your systems on a regular basis as commercial air con has to work much harder than residential models.

This servicing includes replacing and cleaning compressors and motors that when they get old or dirty have to work much harder, therefore costing more to run.

By keeping it in tip top condition the usage costs will be reduced as will the possibility of a breakdown that could lead to expensive repair costs.

24 Hour Assistance

We know that many businesses all over the area don’t close their doors and go home at 5pm. Hospitality, production and more, work around the clock to provide a complete service to their customers.

We also provide a complete service to our valued clients, which is why if a failure or problem occurs with your air con, we will be there to rectify it immediately.

The loss of air con, even during the night in the summer can create a workplace that is too hot to work in.

If this happens then production stops and money is lost.

We never want this to happen which is why we will get you back up and running in no time.

Let Us Look After Your Business

At Chillzone, we want every business in our community to thrive and be cool at the same time.

That is why we offer the complete package when it comes to commercial air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast.

To find out more about how we can help you do bring down your costs, contact our team today by calling our office on 0419 665 488.

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