Commercial Freezer Maintenance is Important

A Commercial Refrigerator in a Shop

Commercial Freezer Maintenance is Important

You probably know that preventative maintenance keeps your commercial freezer systems running reliably and efficiently. 

Emergency Breakdown

Simply thinking of your walk in commercial freezer breaking down is probably enough to raise your blood pressure. Having your system checked regularly by a refrigeration expert means that problems can be spotted and fixed. Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils reduces the load on the compressor and minimises the risk of failure.

Mouldy Ice

Spotted and smelly ice in your commercial freezer can drive your customers away in a hurry, and can even make them sick. Make sure your service provider cleans the water lines, bins, and dispensers using products specially designed for ice machines. 

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Your service technician should also check temperature settings and defrost frequency settings for maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption. Maintaining your refrigeration equipment can save between 5 and 10 percent on energy costs by keeping the units running at peak performance.

Extend The Life of Your Equipment

Ensuring regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial freezer not only makes your equipment work more efficiently, but it also helps it last longer. It’s a vicious cycle, when parts are worn and dirty, the unit runs more frequently causing more wear and tear on the parts. Eventually, the unit breaks down for good long before it should have.

Take Care of Your Equipment

Prevention is better. A qualified refrigeration service company should be called at least twice a year and up to once a month, depending on the load and usage of your equipment, to do the following tasks:

Clean the evaporator and condenser coils, check lines for condensation, clean fan blades and inspect the fan motor, check integrity of insulation, check for air leaks through cracks, holes, and worn parts like gaskets and seals, lubricate door hinges and handles, check for loose electrical connections, clear drain lines of debris, check temperature and defrost settings and calibrate thermometers, check filters on ice makers, thoroughly clean all ice maker components, waste not, want not. 

Poorly maintained commercial freezer causes a great deal of waste. When units run inefficiently, they waste energy resources and your money. When they break down, you lose both time and money, not to mention all that food. Waste is bad for everyone, including the environment and even the economy. 

Don’t waste another minute worrying about equipment breakdowns. Instead, take action to prevent the problem. Chillzone is available to service your commercial refrigerator on the Sunshine Coast. Make a booking by giving us a call or sending through an enquiry.

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