A Commercial Refrigerator in a Shop

Commercial Refrigeration Services Sunshine Coast

Customized Service Level Agreements (SLA's)

Break Fix and After Hours Call-outs

Programmed Preventative Maintenance

Glycol Beer Reticulation Systems

Ice Makers

Walk in Cold and Freezer Rooms

Post-mix, Repairs, Quality Assurance and Equipment Calibration

Frozen Dispensing Equipment

Co2 Monitoring Systems

HVAC Air Filtration Systems

Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

A/C Servicing and Filter Cleaning

Dust Mite and Allergy Filtration

Ducted, Split and Chilled Water Systems

HVAC Air Filtration Systems Mounted on a Wall
A Water Filtration Unit in an Industrial Building

Water Filtration Units Sales and Servicing

Reverse Osmosis

Marine Desalination Plants

Replacement Cartridges

Marine Refrigeration



Eutectic Systems

Snap and Blast Freezers

Cascade Systems

A Marine Refrigerator on a Boat
Workers Installing an Air Conditioner on a Roof

Refrigeration Installation

Cold and Freezer Rooms

Controlled Atmosphere Stores


Beer Reticulation

Remote Displays Cases

Marine Eutectic Systems

Farm and Primary Producers

Milk Vats

Heat Exchanges

Cool Storage

Aquaculture and Fish Tank Refrigeration

Controlled Atmosphere Stores

Hot Water Heat Pump Units

A Remote Farm Fields

Should you have a preventative maintenance plan? Can you afford not to? Chillzone can tailor a programmed preventative maintenance to fit your equipment needs and your budget

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